Saturday, 9 September 2017


Can you see the mate in 10 in the position above?  

It is white to play and if he plays the proper move, he creates a situation where it is mate in 10, if black plays the best moves. It is mate in less than 10 if black plays lesser moves.

The whole scenario is hard to visualise.

During the game I missed the move and ended up with only a draw.

I will post white`s best move in the comments section.

By the way, all these positions are from Fritz Rated Mode games.
The current setting for Fritz 14 is 2198.

Most of the positions I post here are positions I missed during the game, then they are shown to me by the Fritz analysis.  

Sometimes I cannot believe I missed such a move, on other occasions I am not so surprised, as the position was so subtle and complex, well beyond my ability.

I will try and post the whole game here when I get time.

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  1. The best move is Rd7! In the game I played Qh2, thereby missing the best continuation.