Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Tonight`s match againt Muldoons ended with a 3-2 victory for Muldoons.

Below is an interesting endgame position from my game against Nicholas.  It is white to play, what is the best way to continue? I did not see it during the game.

Rookies report is below.

1.Ray Devenney 1-0 Gareth Annesley. 
2.Sam Flanagan 0.5-0.5 Nicholas Pilkiewicz. 
3.Bruce MacLean 0-1 Stephen Wood. 
4.John Bryars 0-1 Danny Mallaghan. 
5.Chris Armstrong. 

Total 2-3. + Bonus 2-5.

I've mulled over this game- we're down but not out! 
We're now second in Division 1. 

After an hour, we were 2-0 down. 
First, Dan the Man had a plan which beat John. 

Then, I hoped Bruce would cruise to victory, given his great start to the season- so I hoped Steve wood lose but he won. 

Des was in a daze as Chris was not amiss at forcing Des to offer a draw. 

Ray's played so well so far that I was hopeful in his game against Annesley- and slay him, he did. 

Sam, a pawn up, needed a win to secure a match draw, but Nick managed to Nick a draw to win the match 3-2.

Joel 3:14 Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision:

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