Thursday, 14 January 2016


For overseas readers I have posted a video clip showing Rookie who writes the match reports.

Lions give a "paw" performance against the mighty A Team!

1. Calum Leitch 0-1 Ray Devenney;

2. Ross Harris 0.5-0.5 Sam Flanagan;

3. Paul McNaughten 0.5-0.5 Bruce MacLean;

4. Sam Moore 0-1 John Bryars;

5. John Bradley 1-0 Bernard Jaffa.

Total: 2-3. + Bonus: 2-5.

Can Belfast South keep their second position in the province ahead of C. S. Lewis, like last year? 

Well, our 2 teams are leading their 2 teams by 81.5 to 66! 

On Board 5, Bernard Jaffa, a pawn up, proved you can't have your "cake" and eat it by losing his game. 

You needed 2 "macs" to keep out the cold and Board 3 provided them- MacLean and McNaughten- who drew. 

There was "Moore" agony for the Lions as Sam Moore lost, like a "rookie", a rook and the game! 

Top board saw Ray achieve the double over " callow" Calum (google it!) and he was able to "teach" Leitch with a "peach" of a game! 

Needing a draw to win the match, Sam "harassed" Harris, but Ross avoided a "loss" but the draw sufficed, as I found "soft ice" on the way home! Martin Kelly.

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