Thursday, 14 January 2016


Tonight`s match ended in a very close 3-2 win for Belfast South.

If I have all the moves down correctly my game with Ross produced an interesting endgame position.

It is black to play. If my move recording is not accurate and this position did not arise, I apologise to Ross.

The game was drawn.


  1. I left my scoresheet at the match but from memory that was the position. I felt I had an edge early in the endgame but according to Fritz it was nothing really at all! At this stage I was happy to hold for a draw.

  2. I had seen the move I should have played earlier but I became confused at this point. Should have played Be2 instead of Bf2.

    Two weeks in a row I have had trouble properly calculating events on the left side of the board.

    Alf Garnett must have been on the right track when he proclaimed certain people cannot think on "the left side of the brain."