Tuesday, 13 December 2016


The last league game of the year took place at the thriving Ballynafeigh club.  

My game was drawn, I offered a draw in advantageous position to escape the oppressive heat of the club room.  It was much too hot for me.

Below is the final position, I offered a draw after playing Nd2, in normal circumstances I would have played on.

A short video of the Ballynafeigh club room, two matches and tutoring was taking place on the night.

Not sure what the final result of the match was, have to wait on Rookie`s report to find out.

Abraham  knew what it was to feel the heat. A famous passage of scripture from Genesis 18.

Genesis18:1 And the Lord appeared unto him in the plains of Mamre: and he sat in the tent door in the heat of the day;

Victor Bologan gives good lines for white against the Scandanavian, Modern and Akekhine defences. 

The trick is trying to remember all the lines, it gets harder as you get older!


1. Mikhail Pavlov 0.5-0.5 Sam Flanagan; 
2.John O'Doherty 0-1 Ray Devenney; 
3. Robert Lavery 1-0 Bobby Thompson; 
4. Eoin Carey 0-1 Graeme McCormick; 
5. Chris Kelly 0-1 John Bryars. Total: 1.5-3.5.                              

It's a Cracker! A Christmas Cracker!

At Christmas, I usually have Pavlova for dessert, but this time Pavlov, "dogged" as ever, saw his luck "desert" him, as he drew with Sam!

Against promoted Graeme, Carey scored an "Eoin" goal, as he lost his game!

"Yule" not believe this, but 2 Bobby's turned up and Lavery beat Thompson in an "arresting" game!

All square so far, but "log" up a win for Ray over John- a Yule log!

"Snow" joke for "Christmassey Chris" as he lost to on form John Bryars!

Merry Christmas, everyone. Martin Kelly(Captain).

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