Monday, 13 January 2014


Had to update this as a few videos of  GM Pastor Begbie are now available.

The image below is a picture of the world`s two highest rated Chess players.

The player on the left is GM Pastor Begbie with a FIDE rating of  2986 and the player on the right is GM Magnus Carlsen, the so-called "World Champion."

News has emerged that GM Begbie has been receiving tuition at the Borislav Ivanov Chess Academy over the past 4 years and he has played numerous gruelling tournaments against the world`s best computer programs. He has also attained 15 GM norms and a FIDE rating of 2986.

Ivanov is said to be stunned at GM Begbie`s natural abilities, as a matter of fact, Ivanov has been so stunned he has decided to retire for good. The official logo of the Borislav Ivanov Chess Academy is below.

GM Begbie is expected to re-model the Borislav Ivanov Chess Academy of his former tutor and establish an Borislav Ivanov Chess Academy in every major city in the world.

Chessbase are bringing out a limited edition of a new chess playing program named "DEEP BEGBIE" to mark the entrance of GM Begbie into the world of Professional chess.
The programs are expected to go on sale at £300 each, autographed copies will be £400 each.

Major fashion brands are also entering into negotiations with GM Begbie to have him endorse their products.
Remember, do not buy any merchandise that does not have the authentic GM Begbie logo imprinted on it.

FIDE is doing all in it`s power to keep this information secret  as Begbie is not a FIDE member. Magnus Carlsen is reported to be hiding somewhere in Norway crying his eyes out and Vishy Anand is reported to be somewhere in India laughing his head off!

GM Begbie is expecting the government of N.Ireland to put up a match prize purse of  £10 million  so he can challenge the so-called "World champion" to a real chess match. The match is expected to be staged in the Titanic Building in Belfast

Here are two of GM Begbie`s most famous Chess Quotes.
1. "It was not enough to have a genius like Ivanov teaching me. I practised a lot with the computer, and after beating Rybka and Fritz by 40-0 each, I was absolutely sure that no-one was gonna stop me winning."  

2. "To improve at chess you should in the first instance get someone to study the endgame for you!"

The Chess world now awaits a Begbie versus Carlsen REAL World Championship Match.

Proverbs 29:9 If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest.

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