Wednesday, 2 November 2016


A short video clip from tonight`s league match.

Rookie`s report on the match is below.

1. Ray Devenney 0-1 Mikhail Pavlov; 
2. Sam Flanagan 0.5-0.5 John O'Doherty; 
3. Bobby Thompson 0-1 Robert Lavery; 
4.Bruce MacLean 0-1 Niall Troughton; 
5.John Bryars 1-0 Colin Fenton. Total: 1.5-3.5. + Bonus: 1.5-5.5. 

Things go from Bankers' to Bonkers. 

All looked to be going well for us after 2 rounds of shadow boxing but the gloves came off as things went " bonkers at the Bankers' ", as we lost the last 3 games! 

Unusually, Sam was first to finish - Sam was in a "jam but kept calm until he had a draw in his palm"! 

John Bryars "enspires" , as he made a "dent on" Fenton's chess record to give us the lead! 

In the battle of the Bobbies, our Bobby made a few "boobies" and his loss tied the match so far! 

 "Pavlov's dogged" determination gave them a "lead" as Ray "tailed" off to defeat! 

Bruce had a "bruising" defeat to "Nial the 'Niallator", as Troughton "trod on" our chances of a drawn match! 

Remember our Mondaytournament starts next Monday, 7/11/16, at the Bankers' Club, Malone Road, around 7.30 pm. 

Fees due are £25 for Monday tournament; £30 for club league players; and only £40 for playing in both. 

Please try to pay at your next game or next Monday. Cheers. Martin Kelly.
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