Saturday, 13 February 2016


Here is an improved video from Thursday`s match with Bangor. 

Here is Rookie`s Report on the match.

The A Team? More like B+!

1.Alan McConnell 0.5-0.5 Stephen Morgan;

2.Michael Sheerin 1-0 Sam Flanagan;

3.Mark Seidman 0-1 Bruce MacLean;

4.Walter Wilson 0-1 John Bryars;

5.Andrew Todd 1-0 Martin Kelly. Total: 2.5-2.5. + Bonus: 3.5-3.5.

I hope Calum Leitch didn't bet on the result of this match- he would have lost!

Though this shock draw against the bottom team pushed us up to third, it probably has scuppered our title hopes!

Yet, it all started so well! Wily Walter Wilson wobbled, then wilted, as John won well!

Bruce "bruced" Mark's ego as he "brushed" Mark "aside, man"!

Only another point was needed for the match win, but we never got it, thanks to the youthful dynamic duo from Bangor, Michael and Andrew!

Bangor were " cheering" as Sheerin was "steering" his game to his advantage and an unexpected win over Sam!

Captain Kelly went a pawn up but was "Todd" a lesson, as he blundered a piece in time-trouble, "and drew" he didn't Martin lost!

Top board would decide the result and "Morgan's spies" predicted who his opponent would be, but it was a "rum" business (get it?) as his massive attack faded into an opposite-coloured Bishop ending, which resulted into a match draw!

Oh well, onwards and upwards, I say! Martin Kelly.

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